Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Fate Of Pakistan Cricket

Consolidating on the ICL lifting, Pakistan shall certainly benefit from their experience and expertise gained in the T20 format. But above all the ultimate feature which stands out is that they have the uniqueness, flamboyance and intensity to go the extra mile and re-light Pakistan cricket’s image on the global scale. In the last year Pakistan cricket seemed to be a lost soul which lacked valuable talent and that extra spice they were renowned for in order to become a competitive force.
Jump for Joy has been a rarity

Although I applaud the ICL kilari to SCRAP their ICL contracts I still nevertheless would like to see the league receive international recognition as it’s another great advert for the game and development of youth. I don’t blame the Pakistani players to sign the ICL in the first place as the board was treating them as an utter disgrace and of course there were many internal disputes amongst players at the time. But now with a new captain and management the team is looking a much better resource for respect of elderly greats and upbringing of star studded youth. The balance of experience and youth shall be there in dressing room as well as the player unity and energetic determination to succeed.

On that note I would like to name my preferred side against Australia:

Imran Nazir

Imran Farhat

Younis Khan

Mohammed Yousuf

Fawad Alam ( young blood)

Shahid Afridi

Kamran Akmarl / Humayn Farhat

Rana Naved

Sohail Tanvir

Umar Gul

Yasir Shah / Tahir Khan

Yeah I agree all the way about Nazir . He is a stylish attacking opener and seems to be one of those players that once gets going can be invincible ,undefeatable and simply dominate proceedings single handily which is a true pleasure to watch and admire. As a bowler u tend to feel your teeth chattering and nerves shaking when you face up to an aggressive batsman of such madness as much as it can be an overwhelming sensational feature when u dismiss them and claim a mighty break though. But I’m in the view that your require uniqueness and intensity to be successful and therefore he would appeal as an automatic selection in my books.

However with cricket moving out of Pakistan the future is looking bleak for the patriotic public and foreseeable future. Now a good first class structure is essential in which u have maximum of six regional sides. This will make the standard raise and as there are a less number of sides the tournaments shall be more competitive and compelling. Currently we have no clear talent indication from this bank and association set up as there is a lack of professional surroundings and perhaps too many minnow or underrated sides. This is a backbone for clear player pathways along with academies. If cricket wants to survive this is the way forward.

Additionally people need to invest in school and club hard ball cricket as a well as providing academy contracts for the abundance of hidden talent there is so they can fulfil their potential by bonding with professional coaches and utilise the facilities in order to raise their game and even make it to the top of the tree. Certainly club and schooling structures are fundamentals for creating opportunities and maintaining cultural participation. Furthermore when the country is becoming a victim of terrorism and social turmoil certainly one shall acknowledge arts which can rescue its image globally.

Finally here is a YouTube link which will be a brand new feature on majority of my threads. It’s a quick 2 minute video reflecting on the golden moments of Pak Cric -featuring legends. Hope u enjoy as they bring back some brilliant memories.

Please comment on the video and share your preferred sides or any other general related opinions.


bored cricket crazy indians said...

where's misbah

Q said...

There is no way u can ignore Misbah, Shoaib Malik, and Salman Butt. How can u leave these guys out?

Though I do feel for the ICL players, don't forget that they were the ones who ditched their country first. Especially Mohd Yousuf who flew out and left the team after being named for the ODIs against the Windies. He should never play for Pakistan again.

Humayun Farhat is not good enough for international cricket. Nor is Imran farhat - He has been given wayyy too many chances. Rana Naveed is well past his sell by date.

Imran Nazir may still stand a chance but I believe the selectors should persist with Khurram and Nasir at the moment. Maybe bring Nazir back for the 20-20.

maza786 said...

A couple of weeks ago I predicted England will win the series 3-2 and somehow even though self admitting I'm not great at predictions it came to perfection! LOL

maza786 said...

Q I would have to disagree with u on Yousuf as he did put fortunes before the bounty of national pride BUT the Malik sahab wasn’t helping at all as he was reluctant to name Yousuf in the squads and felt uncomfortable with his presence in the dressing room and the best thing to do in that circumstance is deny playing and making lea-way. Also there was a shortage of cricket for the players so why not sign at the time and keep yourself fit and active. Anyway now the future is looking brighter for his participation and one really ought to acknowledge and take his formidable talent with both hands.

I was always an anti-Malik believer during his captaincy regime as he wasn’t a great intellect in the media and he didn’t appreciate elderly players-selfishness. Also he seemed to lack enterprise and energy on the field. Generally not “captaincy material”. Also the expectations of captaincy seemed to have declined and dented his personal contributions. I didn’t name him in my team because my vision is that young blood of Fawad clears overshadows his credentials and potential. Fawad has been ever so impressive and consistent in the domestic arena and therefore deserves a worthwhile run in the green shirt.

What would be your preferred side?

Q said...

I dont agree Maza.. If Yousuf was unhappy with Malik, so were Afridi, Younis, and Shoaib Akhtar but none if them left the country to play for the ICL.. and have u forgotten how Yousuf ditched the team? On the eve of the tour to AD against the Windies.. That sort of behaviour is just not on. Yousuf was in all the squads except for 20-20, which can sort of be justified.. did Kallis hold his country ransom after being dropped for 20-20? Or Sachin for that matter?

Regarding Malik, I agree that he was not a good captain, but his performances have not dipped. Just take a look at his performance in the ODIs over the last 3 years.. After Younis and Yousuf, he has been Pakistan's best.. There's no way u can leave him out..

And u still haven't mentioned why u dropped Misbah?

My side would be:

Salman Butt
Nasir Jamshed
Younis Khan
Shoaib Malik
Misbah Ul Haq
Shahid Afridi
Kamran Akmal
Sohail Tanvir
Umar Gul
Saeed Ajmal
Sohail Khan

If its a fast track then Yasir Arafat or Iftikhar instead of Saeed Ajmal..

maza786 said...

Misbah hasn't done anything spectacular than that single test hundred and a couple of good knocks in the 07 T20WC.He may have done considerably in the domestic and first class format but at international level his records haven't been anything to write home about. Also he's an oldie and when u compare him to Alam one really ought to invest in his youth and credentials.

Anyway regarding Akmral his Wk status is certainly living on thin ice. Wicket keeping is a significant art which can play a constructive say in the teams bowling performance and bowlers trust and confidence. Akmral has been costly and the figures have demonstrated that. Although he has played some formidable knocks with the bat one shall consider wicket keeping being priority. Humayun’s reflexes are sharper and his batting can be destructive as can be Safraz Ahmed. Perhaps this is the last chance for Akmarl....................

Disagree with Ajmal. He hasn't done anything much as of yet. He seems to be a container than anything else and at times looks harmless and ineffective. I acknowledge u for choosing a specialist spinner but if u are going to Yasir Shah or Mansoor Amjad should come into consideration. Them 2 along with Abdur Rehman are the best spinners we currently have. Imran Tahir was the best we had in the locker since Mushy or Saqi but seems to be pushing to play for RSA and switching citizenship. Long term future wise Usman Qadir is an exciting prospect who is tipped to be the next Warne.

Anyway being a UAE based resident can u give us an insight into the anticipation and conditions? Are u going to buy tickets for any encounters or have any plans in doing so?

maza786 said...

Q just to tell a little about me .I myself play at club level as leg spinner. I bat at no 7 or no 8 but open in T20 matches. Hence I tend to know alot about the prospects in the spin and opening department. I haven't seen Yasir Shah but would take Qadir's word for it to become Pakistan's premier spinner with Mansoor in reserve.

Usman is extremely impressive and his junior cricket records speak for themselves.A real vicous googly to say the least. Definantly an ideal example of someone Pakistan need to provide specialist training in academies.

Here are my Favourite Players:

Past: Mushtaq Ahmed/Shane Warne/Waqar Younis

Current: Younis Khan/Imran Nazir/Adil Rashid/Imran Tahir

I wonder who were yours ?

Q said...

Which club do u play for Danish?

I'm in touch with a number of domestic players in Pakistan.. I've played with them a various levels.. and I have a part in Mohammad Hussain Cricket Club.. Are u talking abt Usman Qadir? He's too young right now.. as for Yasir Shah, I think it will take him some time to get to the premier level.. Imran Tahir is a major loss for Pakistan I feel.. Mansoor Amjad is also more of a batsman than a leggie now a days..

Anyhow.. Im past the stage where I used to have favorite players.. It doesnt really matter anymore.. its all about who contributes to the team positively..

maza786 said...

Q good analysis. Oh I play club cricket for a team in England at either 1st or 2nd 11 on weekends with T20 knockout tournaments during the weekday evenings. Yeah but it's only a runs for 20 weeks annually and the weather here in England is unpredictable.

The 2009 season is set to get under way soon and its one which shall be watched and played with great anticipation as it's an Ashes summer. I also played a few matches at the Abdul Qadir cricket academy whilst I was in Pakistan last year and that's when I saw him (Usman Qadir). Ironically, he appeared on cricinfo and pakpassion a couple of months later.

I also have met various cricketers as some of my relatives had friendship links with the likes of INZY and Waqar Younis. In fact I have met Mushy/Rana/Inzy/Razzaq/Fasial Iqbal/Sami/Graeme Swann and Andy Fowler.

Just a word on your team I must admit it lacks firepower and uniqueness. This has been a morale which has been one of the ultimate successes of Pakistan cricket in which they have been able to produce extraordinary talents like Imran Khan/Wasim Akram/Waqar Younis/Shoaib Akthar/Javed Miandad etc who created buzz and excitement to watch and proposed threat to opposition. In your side u have Afridi and Younis Khan who stands out but other than that u have too many inexperienced rookies or mediocre prospects. Simply not enough genuine “matchwinners” to be able to take Pakistan in the top 3 ranking spot which they achieved a few times under Bob Woolmer who I felt was a great coach and ambassador for development of Pakistan cricket. In fact I remember a sequence of games in the 05/06 season such as defeating England, India and Sri lanka in test series. At the time Pakistan was second in the test ranking and was a driving force in world cricket.

As a result your preferred team doesn’t sound appealing to watch nor does it seem to have credentials to turn the tables and make a real influence in world cricket. It’s an average side which I feel won’t be able to go far especially on away wickets. You need an all guns blazing Imran opening partnership. Also a classy Mohd Yousuf and a reverse swinging yorker expert in Rana Naved who is one of the best T20 players in the world. You may have question marks hanging over his fitness in the longer formats but in T20 he’s a synthetic prospect. That team need spicing up for sure!

maza786 said...

This makes a good read link

wasim said...

Salman Butt is far better than Imran Farhat, and without Malik you cannot make a pakistani Odi side, right now he is at the top of his game.

ICL players should only be considered if they scrap their ICL contracts other than Imran Nazir and probably Yousaf nobody else has any realistic chance of making it to the playing 11.

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